The Ebb and Flow of House Buying – Seattle Bubble FTW

The last post I did, I spoke about our desire to buy a new house.  This (if you’ve been a long-time reader) is something we’ve been working on for a very. long. time.   See here.

We got back on the horse, entered the fray, and have been house-hunting like mad fools in a parade.  My goal – as has always been my goal – is to a find a house with a backyard for the boys to play.  The houses in our price range seem to get snapped up like fish in a shark-bowl.  I don’t know how many houses we’ve seen, loved, and have been gone before we know it.  Our real estate agent – bless her heart – is a gem of a woman who is calmly and efficiently guiding us through this process (as she has been doing for the past 2 years).

Finally, this past weekend we went to two new houses that had just come on the market.  The first was a minor train wreck of all train wrecks.  As my oldest announced (very loudly), “This house is ugly.” Quickly we shuffled them out.  And on a hail mary, went to go look at another house that was brand new.  And fell. in. love.


It was terribly trendy (MCM), incredibly small (1000 sq ft), and absolutely perfect for us.  It was a stunning light-filled, open space with the piece de resistance

605168_13_0this backyard.

This perfect, perfect, perfect backyard.  Where my husband and I could drink our coffee on the weekends and watch the boys play.  Where they could climb in their own personal (safe!) jungle.  Where we could all garden.  Where we could run free.

We put an offer in.  We put an offer in for $30k over asking price, waived inspection, and included a sweet letter begging them to pick us.  Telling them their house would be loved, cherished, and adored.  Our agent met the owner, and he loved us.  Loved the idea of the boys running free.  The only reason they were selling was for health issues, and they wanted – above anything else – for the house to be loved.

We were a shoo-in…

…and were immediately out bid by someone who put an offer in for substantially more than us and waived it all.

I guess emotions don’t stand a chance against an additional twenty-thirty thousand dollars.

It’s a game, this real estate market.  It’s a game that one day – ONE DAY – we’ll win.  Until then, we’ll sit tight in our little house and continue to look…and save…and hope…

ETA:  If you get a chance and want to read a beautiful story of REAL ESTATE WORKING OUT FOR THE POORS!!! go here.  It’s the best.
ETA (again):  Well obviously we’re not poor.  None of us are.  We have roofs, food, internet for god’s sake.  We have running water.  When I say “poor” I mean compared to people who can afford to buy real estate now.  With hundreds of thousands in their checking account, they can plunk down cash for investment houses to demolish and rebuild.  Against that…hell yeah we’re poor.  But against starving children…take my credit card number.  Here you go.  SAVE THE BABIES AND THE ANIMALS.  (when I have spare money, it goes here.)  (don’t watch any of those videos without tissues.  seriously.)

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  1. Angella March 24, 2014 at 11:51 am | | Reply

    Bummer! I was hoping this post had a happy ending. That MCM house is gorgeous. The real estate market by you still fascinates me. We’re in a much lower cost of living state, but I still had to write letters to get my house! To the banks!

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