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Prada, D&G, Ebates, and Coupons. A Love Story.

This post contains my tricks to afford pricey things.  There are affiliate links, but only to things I use and adore.  Enjoy designer frugality!  

I have about 4 different outfits I can wear to work.  My closet is fashion roadkill.  That being said, I am a lover of the extremely, obscenely, expensive.  I devour fashion blogs like they’re going out of style.  And I myself look like a secretary fought with a college student back in 1999.

My Prada skirt is in the consignment pile.  My D&G skirt keeps it company.  I had an Aiden dress there too, but I gave it to a girl that works in my building to wear at her various wedding events.  I loved that dress.  I was told to take my skirts back to the consignment store in Fall.  I apparently wear a lot of Fall, and not too much Summer.

I still have in my closet my senior prom dress, a Grecian number that I adore.  I have Chanel pumps, a LAMB clutch, and two Kate Spade bags.  I wear Prada sunglasses.  I rock Rock and Republic jeans.

All this I pair with my wardrobe regulars:  Target Tank and Zara cardigan.  I have a 3/4 length Calvin Klein grey short jacket I usually wear with jeans and a tank.

All this would seem like I adore materialism.  Right?  And of course, to some extent I do.  I buy into the belief that designer clothes are worth the price, and I don’t hesitate to spend $30 on a designer item when the same item with a Target tag on it would make me balk.  Is it materialism?  The belief that the resale value will be high?  The preciousness I feel with a designer bag in hand?

Who knows.  What I do know is that my coworker looked at me and, with a dropped jaw, asked if I bought my Prada and D&G on sale or full price.  I am, after all, the girl that she made fun of because I couponed 40 free boxes of Barilla pasta.  I scoffed.  Of course not.  I would never buy designer full price.

Almost everything designer I have is from various consignment stores.  Have I mentioned my love of consignment stores?  My husband bought me my Chanel pumps from a consignment store after I tried them on and fell in love.  My Prada skirt and sunglasses – consignment store.  D&G skirt – consignment store.  Rock and Republic jeans – Nordstrom Rack clearance rack.  $30?

I am of the full belief that goods – even expensive ones – need not be budget busters.  You can always find a deal somewhere.  Here are my favorites: is an online consignment store with some pretty amazing deals.  Use this link for $10 off your first purchase.

Gilt Groupe is a favorite.  I bought the most amazing things at their $1 Black Friday sale.

Ebates is the best way to save money while shopping online.  Since I started, I’ve gotten back over $200 on things I normally buy anyway – Expedia, Orbitz, Nordstrom, Sephora.

Of course, these are the online gems.  Local gems are Le Frock and Sell Your Sole in Seattle.  In Hawaii, Paris Station is wonderful.  I’m sure every city has their favorites; I’d love to hear yours, and I hope you enjoy mine.