Four Reasons To Enroll Your Child In A Karate Class

Posted on: 12 August 2015

Whether your child is highly athletic or hasn't shown much interest in team sports, it's worth introducing him or her to karate. Even if your child doesn't have aspirations of ever competing at tournaments, learning this martial art can provide a number of benefits that extend well into adulthood.

Don't hold back because you're concerned about the risk of injury -- any activity can lead to an injury and the disciplined structure and experienced karate teachers combine to teach children the right way to perform the martial art to avoid hurting themselves. Here are four reasons to consider enrolling your child in karate:

Fitness Benefits

Karate is an effective way to burn calories, and even if you're not concerned about your child's weight, this martial art can help keep him or her fit. While any activity's caloric burn is tied to the person's weight, a 125-pound person burns about 300 calories in 30 minutes of practicing karate, which puts this exercise on par with running at six miles per hour. Children should get at least one hour of exercise per day and taking part in a karate class can help your child keep active.

Confidence Building

The confidence boost that a child receives from practicing martial arts can't be measured in the same way as a caloric burn, but there's little doubt that children who take karate can experience higher degrees of confidence. Whether it's building a fitter body, learning a skill of which they can be proud or knowing that they can physically stand up to a bully if needed, the confidence that karate will give your child is a valuable benefit to this activity.

Improved Listening

Martial arts are known for their regimented approach in which the teacher must be respected. Taking karate can help to reinforce the importance of listening to adults and authority figures. The regimented structure of karate leaves little room for talking out of turn and acting up, and learning these behavioral traits can help your child in school and in life beyond the classroom.

Increased Discipline

Discipline is one of the tenets of karate and can benefit many children. Whether it's adhering to the discipline of attending karate class once or twice per week without fail or practicing specific karate-related moves as homework, being enrolled in this martial art has the ability to boost your child's discipline which can be beneficial well outside the karate studio.

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