Three Benefits Of Using A Hunting Gambrel

Posted on: 23 June 2022

Depending on where you're hunting and what prey you're targeting, it can take a long time and a lot of work to harvest an animal. Once you've done so, the work isn't over. It's now time to field dress the animal, which is a process that many hunters do before they leave the area. Field dressing can be time-consuming and challenging, so having the right gear will be essential. One product that you'll want to carry is a hunting gambrel. This is a relatively simple device that helps you to suspend the animal from a tree branch while you complete the field dressing routine. Here are some benefits of using a hunting gambrel.

Physically Easier

Without a gambrel, you may decide to field dress your animal on the ground. This process can be physically challenging for some people. Field dressing an animal, particularly if it's large, takes a long time. Bending over to reach down to the animal for a prolonged period can cause back strain. For people who already have back issues, this task can especially be painful. When you suspend the animal directly in front of you with your hunting gambrel, you'll be able to stand upright while you complete the task.


Field dressing an animal on the ground isn't just physically demanding. It's also a process that can cause your animal to get messy. Dirt will inevitably get all over the animal, which will be a hassle because you'll want to remove the dirt before you ship the animal's meat off to a wild game butcher so it can be processed. The last thing that you want is to have dirt in contact with the meat that you'll eventually be eating. When the animal hangs over the ground from a gambrel, it won't come into as much contact with the dirt, resulting in a cleaner job.


If you don't have a gambrel and you don't want to field dress the animal on the ground, you might attempt to suspend it from a tree branch with one or more pieces of rope. Unless you've done this process numerous times, you'll likely find that it's quite time-consuming. Using a gambrel is a much faster process. You simply hang the gambrel from a suitable branch and connect the animal's two hind legs to a pair of loops in the gambrel. You can have the animal hanging and ready to field dress in minutes, compared to fussing with rope for a prolonged period.

For more information about using a hunting gambrel, contact a local supplier.