Thinking About Renting A Mountain Bike On Your Next Camping Trip? 3 Safety Tips To Help You Avoid Injuries

Posted on: 18 May 2016

If you're heading to the mountains for your next vacation, you may want to add mountain biking to your list of scheduled activities. Even if you don't own your own mountain bike, you can still enjoy the exhilaration of pedaling down a mountain path on a bike, especially if there is a bike rental company where you'll be vacationing. 

Mountain biking isn't like your typical biking adventure you'll have on city streets or smooth paths. Mountain trails can be difficult to navigate, which means you need to be prepared for some potentially treacherous terrain. Here are three tips that will help keep you safe when you head into the mountains on your bike. 

Gear Up

If you're used to just jumping on your bike and heading out for a ride, you might be surprised by the amount of gear you'll need to wear when you're on a mountain bike. This safety gear is designed to protect you from injuries should you fall off your mountain bike. Some of the safety gear you'll need includes the following items.

  • Properly fitting helmet
  • Leg, knee and elbow pads
  • Body armor

Stick Within Your Skill Level

When planning your adventure, you need to choose trails that are geared to your specific skill level. Most trails will be identified by skill levels such as beginner, novice and advanced. Sticking to your skill level will ensure that you don't get in over your head while you're heading down the mountain. As you progress in your skill levels, you'll be able to try out the more complicated trails, but play it safe while you're learning the ropes.

Get to Know the Trail

Mountain trails are notorious for having tight corners and hidden dangers ā€“ such as rocks, downed trees, and even an occasional stream. Before you head down a new mountain trail on your bike, take the time to get to know it. Try it once at a slow pace. Get to know all the twists, turns and hazards along the way. Once you've familiarized yourself with the trail, take it at a faster pace.

Mountain bikes are the perfect way to get out and explore the wilderness. If you're going to be in the mountains on your next vacation, plan a day to rent a mountain bike and take off on a new adventure. To make sure your adventure is safe, follow the safety tips that are provided here.