Skydiving Can Help High-Rise Builders Get Over A Sudden Fear Of Heights

Posted on: 17 March 2018

Being a high-rise builder requires a lot of bravery and an ability to focus on getting your work done without thinking of how high up you are in the air. Unfortunately, some high-rise builders may end up developing a fear of heights that they can't shake. However, skydiving may be able to shock this fear out of their system. 

Phobias Can Be "Shocked" Out Of A Person

High-rise builders may spend years on a girder without developing a fear of heights. Unfortunately, they may suddenly find that they can't stand being that high in the air and are afraid of losing their job. The development of new phobias is not shocking but can be a very difficult problem to manage on your own.

That said, some psychology experts have stated that facing your fears may actually help to shock you out of them. For example, a person who is afraid of heights may find that simply standing somewhere tall may snap them out of their fear. However, a severe case may have to go higher and require a person to go skydiving.

Skydiving Can Take You Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Those who go skydiving are doing something that the human body shouldn't be able to do and survive. It is quite a shocking experience and also an incredible thrill that will delight your mind and your body. In fact, there is a good chance that it could take you so far out of your comfort zone with heights that standing up on a girder in a high-rise building will seem like no big deal by comparison.

Preparing For A Skydive

One of the most difficult parts of skydiving is psyching yourself up for it. Many people who are afraid of heights are going to take one look out of the plane door and refuse to jump out. However, you will be strapped to a trainer who will operate the parachute for you. Simply take the time to trust this person and get to know them before you make the jump.

If you do go skydiving, you may end up experiencing other health benefits, such as an ability to handle stress more effectively. Just as importantly, you could show your mind that your fear of heights is irrational and that there is no reason you can't go back out on the girder and back to the job that you love.

Even if skydiving doesn't suddenly eliminate your fear of heights, it is still an amazing event in a person's life. After all, you jumped out of a plane thousands of feet in the air and survived! That fact may just give you the confidence you need to get back up on the girder and get to work.