4 Tips For A Successful First Skydiving Experience

Posted on: 13 October 2021

So, you've finally decided to make the big leap out of the airplane door? How exciting! 

While you are sure to love your first skydive, there are a few things you can do to alleviate your pre-jump jitters and ensure the experience is as amazing as you've imagined it to be.

To this end, here are 4 tips for a successful first skydiving experience:

1. Book the Best Jump Time Based on Local Weather Patterns

Is it better to book a jump appointment in the morning or the afternoon? The answer to this question depends on the local weather patterns where you will be skydiving. 

If the area tends to get windy in the afternoon, then you should book an appointment in the morning.

Alternatively, if it's often foggy or windy in the morning, then schedule your jump during the afternoon.

2. Skip the Pre-Jump Celebratory Meal and Cocktail

It's completely normal to be nervous before your first skydiving experience. Sometimes anxiety will even cause stomach upset or diarrhea.

However, even if your stomach is upset, it's important to eat something before your jump. Jumping on an empty stomach will just make you feel worse.

While you shouldn't go out and eat a large, celebratory pre-jump meal, you should eat something light such as:

  • a banana
  • a slice of toast
  • scrambled eggs
  • a sandwich
  • a bowl of cereal

It is also important to note that settling your nerves with a cocktail is never an option before skydiving. In fact, skydiving while under the influence of alcohol (or drugs) is illegal in most places.

If you show up for your jump after having consumed alcohol, your jump may be canceled or rescheduled. 

3. Dress for Success

The best clothing for skydiving is a couple of thin layers of well-fitting activewear. The layers will insulate you against the cold and help keep you warm under the jumpsuit. 

It is important to avoid:

  • bulky jackets
  • loose-fitting clothing
  • jewelry
  • hair accessories
  • hats
  • high-heel shoes
  • flip flops

The only shoes acceptable for skydiving are a pair of snug-fitting sneakers. When you put them on, make sure to lace them extra tight to ensure they stay on your feet as you descend.

4. Use the Restroom Before Getting Into Your Jumpsuit

Finally, it's vital to visit the restroom before getting into your jumpsuit. The harness and jumpsuit you will wear are complicated to get in and out of. The last thing you want is for your instructor to be ready to go up and you need to use the restroom.